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Welcome to Theramedic, one of the fastest growing competitors in the massage chair industry. Based in Dallas Texas, our founders have nearly a decade of combined experience working with some of the largest manufacturers on the market, now they’re using their expertise to help everyday consumers!

By partnering with leaders in the medical field, we’ve had the opportunity to hand-craft a line of massage chairs scientifically engineered for comfort and pain relief. At Theramedic, we’re all about transparency, in that vein you can view the research that went into our line of massage chairs by clicking here! 

Where most companies try to maximize profits through exorbitant markups, we provide honest everyday prices. We know that true pain takes a toll on your health, there’s no reason that the solution should take a toll on your wallet. 

We have devoted countless hours to ensuring our chairs utilize innovative technology based on genuine research from trusted experts; so go ahead, take one for a spin!