AmaMedic AM-919 Foot Massager
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AmaMedic AM-919 Foot Massager

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  • Three Massage Modes
  • Intelligent Compression Massage
  • 5/10/20/30 Minute Timer
  • Relaxing Heat Therapy
  • Inutitive Control
  • Three Distinct Massage Rollers
  • Removeable Fabric
  • Sleek Design


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Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Titan Massage Chairs

Amamedic’s industry-leading massage technology now extends to the tips of your toes in the new AM-919 Foot Massager. This zen-filled foot massager uses an intelligent combination of compression, heat, and roller-based massages to provide the most contemporary therapy available.

Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager| Control Panel

Intuitive Controls

The last thing you want when you’re trying to relax is the hassle of dealing with confusing controls; therefore, Amamedic has simplified the process with an intuitive five-button control panel. Quickly extend your massage, cycle through massage modes, toggle the device’s power, activate heat therapy, or adjust the intensity through this simple system.

Relaxing Heat Therapy

Research shows that regular heated massages can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and enhance the massage experience altogether. That being said, Amamedic’s calming heat therapy aids in making this one of the most comprehensive massages available.

Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Heated Massage Function
Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Washable Fabric

Removeable Fabric Insert

Naturally, your product will get the occasional stain and need thorough cleaning, Amamedic makes this easier on you with the Foot Massager’s removable fabric inserts. Simply remove the largest point of contact, through it in the washer, and reinsert. It’s that simple!

Intelligent Auto Timer

Feel confident nodding off mid-massage with the Foot Massager’s handy auto timer. With this feature, you can set your massage for 5-30 minute intervals, automatically shutting off after the timer reaches zero.

Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Automatic Shutoff Timer
Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Massage Rollers

Triple-Action Rollers

1. Cyclical Kneading: This roller is the standard found in most massage chairs, activating reflexology points along your foot for maximum comfort.

2. Heating/Scraping: The central roller utilizes a disk with grooves and a heating mechanism to properly massage the center of your sole.

3. Acupuncture Kneading: This roller along the heel alternately kneads into sensitive areas often overlooked by traditional foot massages.

Compression Therapy

Amamedic’s unique design allows for the AM-919 to effectively compress key areas of the foot for optimal comfort. Additionally, the compression improves contact with the lower foot rollers, enhancing the overall massager experience.

Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager | Compression Air Bags


Product Name Amamedic AM-919 Foot Massager
Rated Power 45W
Input Voltage 110V - 220V
Weight Net Weight: Approx. 8.5lbs

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